Johnny Philip

“Confucius says: Wisdom is, having knowledge, to apply it”, I once read.  But what if I don’t know enough?  That’s my persistent, nagging fear.  To cope, I research facts, ideas, concepts, and viewpoints.  And like most people, when faced with a problem, I try to use the opportunity to find a solution.  How?  By adapting and applying the knowledge or skills I gained from my research and experience.  However, ‘paralysis by analysis’ has also been a danger.

Literature and music have always been my first loves. I was blessed with excellent teachers throughout my life and I thank them for it.   I also muck around with a cheap camera or smartphone when the mood strikes.  (But then again, who doesn’t?).  And then there is that thing about the good earth.  Don’t you love the smell of fresh earth after a rain?  I do.  But I also like getting my fingernails dirty trying to coax a few plants to grow.  Ironically, I graduated from college with a major in business administration, and later earned a Master’s degree in Commerce majoring in accounting.  Looking back after over three decades, I have no regrets.  I still have time for literature, music, photography, and gardening.

My interests and achievements are focused in the creative process. I love the company of creative people, working together in small teams, and creating something new by combining resources – ideas, concepts, knowledge, talent, materials, technology, funds, and effort. I get a buzz when I’m around such people. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy working with small businesses and in small groups. That’s usually where the creative action is.

I used to be an accountant, teacher, manager, and small business owner. I have worked in a diverse range of industries – automobile repairs and maintenance, book distribution, construction, education, finance, food processing, healthcare, leather goods manufacturing, non-profits, printing, product development (handbags), retail, shop-fitters, couriers, and tax preparation. Most of these were small businesses, some medium-sized, and a few, large. Accounting was what I generally did in these organizations, though a good chunk of my work was in teaching business subjects or coaching small business owners in using accounting software to mind their own businesses effectively.

I was born in India, but had the privilege to live and work in Australia for about 13 years before migrating to the USofA. I have been moving to different places, getting accustomed to living with people from diverse cultures, races, languages, and backgrounds throughout a good portion of my life.  Always enjoyed these opportunities, and greatly benefited from them.  In fact, I believe this what I appreciate most about my life: the opportunities (some gained, some lost).

When I go to a new place I generally follow a self-imposed rule: try to return a different route. As Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra famously said, “if you find a fork in the road, take it”.

When my daughter was in Kindergarten just a few years ago, (she’s in high school now), she once asked me, “Dad, what do you want to be when you grow up?.  I haven’t come up with a decent answer yet; bless my heart.  But one thing I know now – my bones tell me that it’s about time I started learning Tai-Chi.

“Any regrets?”  Not yet, but thanks for asking.

Oh, and my claim to fame:  “a phenomenal memory for things that never happened” [an actual quote].

I have a profile on LinkedIn which you are most welcome to view:


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