Johnny Philip

I am plagued with a persistent, nagging fear that I do not know enough and love to research facts, ideas, concepts, and viewpoints, and adapt them to solve a problem.

Literature and music have always been my first loves. I was blessed with excellent teachers throughout my life and I thank them for it. Ironically, I graduated from college with a major in business administration, and later earned a Master’s degree in Commerce majoring in accounting. Looking back after over 3 decades, I have no regrets.  I still have time for literature and music.

My interests and achievements are focused in the creative process. I love the company of creative people, working together in small teams, and creating something new by combining resources – ideas, concepts, knowledge, talent, materials, technology, funds, and effort. I get a buzz when I’m around such people. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy working with small businesses and in small groups. That’s usually where the creative action is.

I used to be an accountant, teacher, manager, and small business owner. I have worked in a diverse range of industries – automobile repairs and maintenance, book distribution, construction, education, finance, food processing, healthcare, leather goods manufacturing, non-profits, printing, product development (handbags), retail, shop-fitters, couriers, and most recently (2018), tax preparation. Most of these were small businesses, some medium-sized, and a few, large. Accounting was what I generally did in these organizations, though a good chunk of my work was in teaching business subjects or coaching small business owners in using accounting software to mind their own businesses effectively.

I was born in India, but had the privilege to live and work in Australia for about 13 years before migrating to the USofA. I have been moving to different places, getting accustomed to living with people from diverse cultures, races, languages, and backgrounds throughout a good portion of my life, always enjoyed these opportunities, and greatly benefited from them. When I go to a new place I generally follow a self-imposed rule: try to return a different route. I don’t mind getting lost, if I can afford it.

Oh, and my claim to fame:  “a phenomenal memory for things that never happened” [actual quote].

Well, as you can see, I can go on and on. But I’m sure you have better things to do than read about me.

I have a profile on LinkedIn which you are most welcome to view:


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